Monday, September 24, 2012

Finding Common Core Objectives, Writing, and Apples

I’ve been working hard this year to match all of my favorite activities to the Common Core standards. I’ve come to love this iphone APP!! 

Some nights when I can’t sleep It’s perfect to look up a the standards.  I often take a screen shot of the page and then I can refer back to it later when planning.



I could go on. . . but I'm sure you get the idea!!

During the 1st quarter I noticed this common core standard:
(On a side note I realized that language is actually part of writing.  Writing is the CONTENT part and Language is the grammar, punctuation part!!  I might be the last one in the country to understand this but just in case I'm not,  I thought I would share that!! ;) 
Okay so back to this objective:  Notice the first circle L 1.4 that's the standard number and the second yellow circle is the actual objective that I'm talking about. 

I realized this fit in PERFECT with the animal cards from FARM unit!!

We used the animal cards and described each animal two ways!! My students loved it. However some of them didn't master the skill that first/ only time. So I created this Writing Language these who cards to practice that skill:
These are the who cards from the Build a Sentence activity below!!  So you can use the same cards for TWO objectives!

At the beginning of the year my students really struggled with writing several sentences on a topic.  This activities helped my students learn to use more detail in their writing.
 AND using COMPLETE SENTENCES!! The loved those mini sentences.  I see a cat.  Or I like the black cat. 
To help my students turn those sentences in to: The black cat was on the porch.  We have been using this activity:

I call it Build a Sentence, the students choose a who card, a position card, and a where card.  Then they put them together to build a sentence!! They LOVE the silly sentences of course, but it really helped them add detail to their writing.  Here are a few samples:
This is activity is featured in my farm unit and in this mini camp writing pack!
I used with Cara Carroll's camping unit!
This week we will be working on writing while learning about apples.  I plan to use several of the sheets in this mini writing language pack!! ;) 
Here is a look at what we have done with apples so far:
This morning we practiced reading this poem:
During Work on Writing the students used their NEATEST handwriting to write the poem!! They loved that!! And it helps all students feel successful!
This afternoon during our "normal" writing lesson we came up with words that describe apples:
Then the students sorted the words on to this tree map.

I had to share these Apple Buddies we made on Friday!! I'm still trying  to do a "little" front load Friday!  I got the pattern from Abby HERE but we I decided to do a little creative writing with it instead!!
How do you practice writing in your classroom?  Was I the first to understand the language/ writing common core objectives?

Congratulations!!  I'll send it out soon!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Common Core Fall Math Fun

This pack is designed to teach 1st Grade Common Core Math standards.  I have created each activity using fall/ Halloween clipart to make them fun for your students. 

1. MD 4 - Halloween Graphing – Students will organize and interpret data.  Includes: 3 Object Pages and a Recording page

1. NBT. 1 – What Comes Next?  - Students will practice counting on from any number. Includes: 12 cards and a recording sheet


1. NBT. 2 – Place Value Match – Students will practice matching tens and ones to the correct number.   Includes: a matching game and recording sheet


1. NBT. 1 – Number Before and After – Students will practice counting by identifying the number before and after each number.  Includes: 16 cards and recording sheet

If you are interested you can check it out HERE!!

Common Core Fall Literacy 1st Grade - FREEBIE!!

I just uploaded a new FALL pack to TPT!!  Here are some pictures of some of the activities you'll find inside!!

FS 1.3Building Words with Digraphs – Students will build th and sh words. 

FS 1.3Decoding Words with Inflectional Endings – Students will practice covering the ending sound to read the base word. 
L 1.6Fall Vocabulary – Students will practice using words they will hear or read in Fall themed stories.
L 1.2Sentence Sort – Students will practice adding correct punctuation to sentences.  Includes 3 of the 4 types of sentences.

Comprehension Activities:

The following activities should be used during your whole group or mini lesson.  I have included cards for you to laminate, cut out, and place in a bag.  Here are some examples. 


Place each set in a bag and label it with the objective. After reading a story you can choose a bag that matches your story and students can pull a card and recall information from the story.

one sample activity: cards and recording sheet

The Fall Literacy unit includes activities like you see above for each of these standards:
RI 1.2 and RL 1.2Story Recall- Students will practice recalling details from the stories you read to them or the stories they read.

RL 1.3Describe the Characters – Students will practice recalling details about the characters. 

Character Feelings:

Sample of the activities included to help students think about how characters feel in the story.

Feeling Objectives:  
RL 1.3 - Character Feelings – Students will think about how the character feels in the story.

RL 1.7Feeling Words – Students will find feeling words in books

If you are interesed in this unit you can check it out HERE!!

I will give away one copy tomorrow evening, to win you must comment below with your email address.  I will randomly choose a winner based!!