Thursday, April 26, 2012

Out of this World Space Centers

My students and I are LOVING this space week!!  We have loved learning about the planets.  My students have been using the Vocabulary Cards in the Dictionary Center and the ABC Center this week!  Here are some pictures of their work!!

Dictionary Center
Looking up sun in the dictionary

Looking up moon in the dictionary

You can download this sheet FREE here!!

ABC Order

You can purchase the Vocabulary Cards HERE!

Comparing Planets Using a Venn Diagrams

You can find the Venn Diagram sheet HERE!

I hope everyone is having a great week!! I'm so glad tomorrow is FRIDAY!!  Hope you have a great day!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Buggy for Subtraction - 10 Less - FREEBIE

Buggy For Subtraction Facts - 10 Less Math Pack
I've been working on a Math Facts pack to practice 10 less or subtraction by 10. 
Here is a look at what you'll find in the pack:

Here is a CLOSER look at two of the Math Activities:

Number Line Count by 10s

Subtraction March - Count Down by 10s
Sort the cards by the bugs on the card

Choose one bug to start with
 find the bug with 9 tens
subtract 10, find the card with the difference
continue subtracting 10

Record the answers on the recording sheet.

I also listed a Math Graphing Freebie on TPT HERE!

If you are interested in this pack you can check out the whole thing HERE!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Awesome Astronauts - /aw/ /au/, Suffixes, Compare and Contrast

This week we are learning the /aw/ sound like in Awesome AstronAUts!!  I decided to plan another space week since my students liked the last one so much!! J  We are also working on Compare and Contrast so we are comparing astronauts, planets, the sun and the moon, and much more!!  Today we compared Neil Armstrong and Mae Jemison.  My students loved learning more about these astronauts. 
Here is a look a few Venn Diagrams from today:

If you are interested in these sheets you can purchase my Compare and Contrast Pack HERE!
I also have some Freebies for you!!
/aw/ and /au/ Cards

Level 1   Level II  Level III


Suffixes: ful, ly, and y
Level 1       Level II      Level III
~ We used a tongue depressor to decide which suffix to add.