Friday, March 9, 2012

We are ready for a FOREST EXPEDITION!!

Each Friday I do what I call Front Load Friday,  by Friday we have already had our spelling test and most students know the week's content.  I decided to go ahead and introduce the new content!! Then on Monday I reteach this content.  This lets me see who "gets it" and who I need to work with in small group.  Plus it also helps Monday go a little quicker since I don't have SO MUCH teaching to do!! 

Today we started our FOREST EXPEDITION!!  The students were really excited about the writing anchor chart and they are excited to read more nonfiction texts.  They LOVE learning new stuff!!  They wanted to add to our chart today but I told them we would add to it on Monday after we read our first Forest story.
Our Forest Writing Anchor Chart!!

This week we are practicing inflectional endings:  Students will sort the cards in to the correct spot on the pocket chart!! :) I have a pocket chart on the front and back of this stand to help me get "ready" for the next week!! This side is starting to look a little rough!! :)
Inflectional Endings Sorting

In our vocabulary center students will use these vocabulary words to write a story or sentences. Each student must use 3 to 5 words on their paper.  If they have time the students can illustrate! 
Vocabulary Writing

I decided to throw in another week of compound words since there are so many that go along with the forest theme!
Compound Word Practice - Put the boat parts together to build a compound word.

Frontload Friday really gets the students excited about the centers.  I know they will be excited to start these centers on Monday!1

Check back later in the week for MORE pictures!! :)
If you are interested you can purchase this unit HERE!

How Lucky Are You? Probability Game

Hey Everyone!! Hope you are having a great day! I wanted to share a fun math activity we completed the other day.   This activity is featured in my How Lucky AreYou Math Pack!

Place these cards in the bag.

front of the bag directions   back of the bag questions

 Students pull a card, record the results, and then put the card bag in the bag.


They play until one column reaches the top!!!

The students loved this activity. They were cheering for the gold, but of course they quickly realized the chance of pulling the pot of gold is less likely and the chance of pulling a four leaf clover is most likely!!  This game is PERFECT for practicing probability!!  :)  You can check it out HERE!

Moon Mania

This week we have been learning ALL ABOUT the MOON!!  I purchased SWEET Cara’s unit called Moon Mania!!  My students LOVED all of the activities in this unit!! If you are looking for a GREAT way to teach the /oo/ sound like in Moon you MUST use this unit.  Thank you so much Cara!!

Here are a few pictures

If I decide to GO to the MOON!! :)

Recalling Moon Facts

Orbital Order!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Are you ready for St. Patrick's Day?

How Lucky Are you?

Test your luck with this Math Pack – Math Skills include:  Money Match Game, 2 Probability activities, and subtraction story problems.

ABC Order
Practice St. Patrick’s Day themed vocabulary with these vocabulary cards with pictures to match.

 St. Patrick’s Day Writing

This St. Patrick’s Day Writing Pack includes:

·      3 letter writing pages (1 page or 2 pages)

·      Leprechaun and Pot of Gold cutouts to enhance writing

·      Lucky or Unlucky - An activity to help students learn what makes them lucky words (12 lucky/unlucky cards, recording sheet, and a shamrock to write record lucky things)