Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Goldilocks Day 2 and Some Math

Today we continued our Goldilocks Unit!!  My students loved comparing the two stories.  We also heard a lot more synonyms!!  Here is what we did today!!

ABC Order

Here a few samples of our ABC Order Center.

Word Wall – Is it safe to walk in the woods alone?

The students picked 4 word wall words and then answered the question using those words.   I love this center because it encourages them to USE the word wall.  It is also leveled because the students choose their own words.  This center has also really improved their spelling.

I Can Compare Can You

Today we practice compare and contrasting two characters from our Goldilocks stories.  The students were able to pick ANY two characters.  This choice helps the students be more successful with completing this activity.  We also talked about focusing not just on the things you can “see” about the two characters.  But more about what type of person they were in the story. 


All of the activities and MORE are available in my Goldilocks Stories Unit!!  Take a closer look HERE!!   Or if you like  this comprehension activity check out my I CanCompare Can You pack HERE!! 


Today we did a math activity from my Buggy for Subtraction pack.  We chose a ladybug card, subtracted 10, and then found the bee with the answer.

I taught my students to set up the problems vertically to make them easier.  I want them to learn that they can rotate any problem.

A few of my students continued to struggle with this activity so we I taught them how to draw a line down the middle to make each problem into TWO mini problems. 

 Happy Tuesday!  Can you believe it is MAY!!  I feel like April FLEW by!!  We have around 27 days left I think!! ;)   

Monday, April 30, 2012

Goldilocks FUN!!

This week we will be reading the many versions of Goldilocks andthe Three Bears!  For Common Core we have to read/ discuss books that have different versions.  This will allow the students to recall, compare, and discuss those stories.  I created this Goldilocks Unit to practice all of those skills!!  I also included a list of books that can be used.  However I’m sure there are many other versions you could include.  We started reading one book today and the students LOVED it!!  They completed several of the activities included in my Goldilocks Unit on TPT!!  Here is a closer look at what is included:

Here is a look at the other books we will be using!!

Sleeping Synonyms

This activity was PERFECT!!  I went through the books and found many common synonyms in the book: leap, jump; wee, small; house, cottage. The students loved it!!  They also tried to generate a new synonym if they could!!    This was the FUN part!!

Bear Syllables

I have two levels of this activity in the pack.  I included words I found in the books.  The students write the word and color one syllable for each sound.

Story Structure
Today we practice Story Structure; the students recalled the characters, setting, problem, and the solution. They needed to answer each part as a SENTENCE!! If you like these Story Structure pages but you aren’t doing a Goldilocks Unit you can purchase school themed pack HERE!!



I also taught them when the house belongs to more than one bear it becomes the bears' house!!  Check out how Alencia applied that above!!

Did you notice we decided to "nickname" the characters?  PB aka Papa Bear, MB aka Mama Bear, BB aka Baby Bear.  Check out this little girl's work GL -- Goldilocks!!  They crack, me, up!!

Again, you can find all of these activities and more in my Goldilocks Stories pack on TPT!!   I hope you all have a great week!