Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Management Ideas

Paper, Paper, EVERYWHERE!

This is where I store all materials for the week.  I love it because it is big enough to fit everything and the bin can easily be transferred to a desk for sub plans. 

I also clothes pin my lesson plans above this on the wall.  It helps me do a quick reference before a lesson!!

Math Manipulates

This took some time to set up BUT IT IS SO WORTH IT.  The stickers help me AND THE STUDENTS put everything back in its place. 
Whole Group Materials

During whole group I play a song and the Team Leader passes the materials across.  Inside the bag is a homemade D.E.B – (Dry Erase Board) -- Lined paper with a transparency taped on top.  J  A sock for an eraser and inside the sock is a marker.

Learning to Balance

I have been teaching my students all about balance.  We started off by learning to balance standing on one foot.  My students quickly learned if they put their hands out, picked a focus point, and stood up nice and tall it was much easier to balance. 
I read my students the book called, Equal Shmequal where animals use a seesaw to help them find equal teams for tug-of-war. 
My student’s loved the book and it helped them understand why putting their hands out helps spread out their weight.  We also learned it was EASY to balance a cup and a HARDCOVER book on our head; however, it was HARD to balance a sheet of paper.   Here are a couple of samples of our recordings.