Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Behavior Plan

This year we have started a school-wide behavior plan.  Each teacher has this poster in their classroom (I added the positive parts to my classroom poster)

This system seems to be working FABULOUSLY.  Each time the child makes a good choice they move their clip up.  Each time they need to be reminded of the rules they move their clip down.  At the end of each day the students colors their behavior on this log and they write a word to describe their day.  This allows the parents to see how their child’s day was each day.

Monday, September 20, 2010


This year I have noticed my students really need practice drawing.  I found this Follow the Directions and Draw It All by Yourself book. 
Follow the Directions & Draw It All by Yourself!: 25 Easy, Reproducible Lessons That Guide Kids Step-by-Step to Draw Adorable Pictures & Learn the Important Skill of Following Directions
Each week I pick an animal from this book, then I find a book that will teach the students about that animal.   Next, I use the book to help me draw animals.  This model how to draw the animal.  We then create a Story Map of details from the book.  My students use this map during writing to help them recall the facts from the story.

Word Families

For the last several weeks we have been learning all about word families.
We have been reading:
Word Family Tales -Ip: Take a Trip to Planet Blip
My students love these books.  After reading we guess the missing words for the Fill in the Blank sentences in the back.  As the students guess I record their answers and make a word family poster.  Then we display the posters in the phonics station.

We have also been singing some word family songs:
Word Family Sing-Along Flip Chart & CD
My students LOVE these songs!!
Each day in the phonics station my students practice these new word families.

We have sorted words into the correct word family:
Word Sorting, Gr. K-2
I have also created my own words and had the students cut them out and glue them on construction paper.

Build words with bottles caps:

Used word family slides and wheels to make words and then recorded our work:
Turn-to-Learn: Word Family Wheels (Grades PreK-2)
I use black and white slides and wheels that I have colored and created but I found this book of wheels that are already in color and ready to go!