Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Popcorn Words -- Free /or/ Download

Teaching Bossy R
or says /or/
Popcorn Words
Put two pieces of popcorn together.  Match the word with the picture.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Soil Explorations

I wanted to share a few samples from our soil explorations:
One of the main things I wanted my students to learn was the difference between: soil, clay, and sand.  Since I live in North Carolina most of our SOIL is actually sand.  I sent each child home with a sandwich bag.  Each child was suppose to fill their bag up with the soil from their backyard.  I was SUPER, EXCITED when they started to come in  because --  just has I had hoped they were all different make-ups – some clay, some dirt, some sand, some of with several types in one bag.  The students were also able to see “things” that are often found in sand.  We were able to see – grass, twigs, bugs, ants, and even a crayon in our samples. 
I had the students first exam their own sample.   I pinched a sample and taped it to their page.  Then each student looked and compared three more samples.  Again, I pinched these samples and taped them to the page.  This really helped students see the color, texture, and ability to stick to tape ;) differences. 

We also made a soil layer jar.  Tomorrow we will make DIRT CAKE!!  I can’t wait to EAT IT!!
Next we will be learning about how soil helps plants and then we will learn about ROCKS! 
Here are some rock ideas I can't wait to try!! 
First Grade Teaching - Rocks
I want to do a lot with measurement.  How long is it? How much does it weigh?
Chalk Talk - Rocks
I love the Rock flow chart and the Dirt Cup!! 
I use this site a lot in my classroom! 
There is a great game where students can find real world examples of rocks.
Pictures of rocks and samples of the correct names for rocks by size.
Feel free to share any more ideas you have!!