Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where it ALL Goes DOWN! -- Classroom Pictures!

The Bulletin Board in the Hall

see the inspiration below

Open House Gift!
I found this on Pinterest: THANK YOU Ms. Hill
Thank you to: Jennifer for making the FIRST GRADE LABEL!!!

View Left to Right when you come into my classroom!
sorry this is a little blurry!

This is my Library--- It's on the other side of those bookcases.

Here is a closer look at that bench!!  A parent made it for me last year!!


I put things that need to be done in the green TO DO bin.  When parents come in they go right to it.  Then they place it in one of the PREPARED bins.  Then I sort it in to the Days of the Week bins on TOP!! 

Student Desks
Tomorrow is our first day of school!!

Calendar Board/ Focus Wall
This will have a lot more info on it in a few weeks!! :)