Monday, July 16, 2012

Jack and the Beanstalk - FROM LAST SCHOOL YEAR

Here are some pictures from LAST SCHOOL YEAR!!  I’m so behind on posting them due to moving.

We did a fairy tale unit book study with Jack and the Beanstalk books.  My students really loved this unit!!  We worked on comprehending stories, comparing words, ABC Order, and more.  FYI -- Teachers you might need to PREVIEW the books ahead of time. . . some the books talking about the GIANT DRINKING.  I just changed the words in a few books.  J
Comparing Words




Story Sequence

Story Structure

Character Comparison

If you are interested in this unit it can be purchased HERE!!

New School, NEW YEAR, Classroom Pictures

I'm so behind on blogging but for those of you that follow me on FB know that I teaching at a new school.

One last look at all the stuff I'm moving!!

I made the decision to move to RALEIGH!!! I'm still teaching first grade at a year round school!! I'm on Day 6 already!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??

I behing on blogging so I thought I would start with a class tour.   

I would LOVE to meet up with some Raleigh teachers.

Anyone interested in meeting your lunch??  Maybe July 28th??