Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's About Time

This week we started learning to tell time.  We are starting with time to the hour.  I started off by introducing my students to JUDY!!! 
We talked about the parts of the clock.  I always tell my students since minute is a longer word . . . it gets the longer hand!! ;)    It’s a fun way to help them remember.  Next I read the students the book, The Grouchy Ladybug.   While reading the story I had one student match the time in the book to the time on JUDY!!
 Next, I wanted my students to have hands on practice with clocks so I had my students make these clocks:

The students picked any hour to set their clock to and then wrote a little sentence to tell others what time their clock said!!  We then hung them out the hall.  My plan is to take away the sentences next week and replace them with letters.  The students will have to tell me what time goes with each letter.

Double Hearts Ending Blends

Ending Blends
This week we are learning about Ending Blends.  I loved First Grade Parade’s Snowman Ending Blends.  Since we were focusing on _ft, _nt, and _lk I made these double hearts for our class.

 The student’s took turns matching the word with the picture.  Next the students recorded their words in a Word Sort.  The students loved this idea!  They also illustrated some words on their paper or practiced using them in sentences.  Later in the week the students will participate in a Read the Hall where they will take their clipboard out in the hall, read the words on the wall, and record them under the correct ending blend.