Friday, September 3, 2010

Classroom Tour

Birthday Board

Center Rotation
Each year I group the students by ability and then create four heterogeneous groups.  By grouping my students heterogeneously they are able to work together to complete center work.  Since my classroom has a fish theme each group is named after an ocean animal.

In my classroom everyone does their part to take care of the classroom.  Each child has a chore. Everyday I move the names down one and put the bottom one on top.  The students get excited to see their new chore each day!

Word Wall
Each week we add words from our stories to our word wall!

Mini File Folder Word Wall
To help make my word wall more user friendly I created mini wall walls!!  Inside each folder is a list of all the words, beginning with that letter, we will learn during the school year.

Center Work Display - "FINtastic" Work

Classroom Library
I store all my books in baskets so the students are able to see the front over of the books.  I also group books but subject or author to help students find books they are interested in reading!  It also helps them put the books back! :)

Classroom Objectives
If you work at a school like me we have to display our objectives daily.  I got the idea to post them in a pocket chart so they can easily be updated.  I store the objective sentence strips in a closet on a ring by subject so they can be used again!

Pencil Baskets! 
Each student has a pencil basket that stores their crayons, pencil, glue stick, scissors, spaceman, and stickerbook. 

Board Complete with Student Work

My students were SO EXCITED this morning when they saw the Writing Work"ship" display.  I explained to them that this display was for GREAT, NEAT work.  After lunch today I used an idea from @First Grade . . . At Last!!! 's blog.  I read Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus to the students and each student changed the story to make it their own . . . Don't let the pigeon stay up late! . . . Have a popcorn party. . . drive a truck.  The student's writing was great and the board is now complete!

Writing Work "ship" Display

Okay, here is the completed Writing Work "ship".

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

This week I have been working hard on learning how to use blogger.  :) 

At school I have been working a lot on my student's writing.  I have decided to do a Writer's Work "ship" this year!  My goal is to break the students into 5 groups.  Each group would attend one Writing Station Each Day and by the end of the week they will have attended each Station.   I plan to have two handwriting stations: one for Daily Oral Language and one for handwriting!  I also want to have a build-a-sentence station.  Where the students will learn to include a who, a what, and a where in their sentences.  The other stations will be for story telling and for journals. 

Today I went to School Tools our school supplies story and bought a Pirate's Themed Bulletin Board set.  I added postive phrases to each part!  I will post more pictures soon of the completed bulletin board!