Friday, December 3, 2010

Story Vocabulary Dice

To help our students learn to use their vocabulary words in text we created story vocabulary dice.  The students roll the dice and then use the word in a sentence.  Again, I have added clipart to help the lower level students.  I often challenge my higher level students to roll the dice twice and use BOTH words in a sentence. J 
I have added a blank template, feel free to use it in your classroom. 


This week our comprehension skill was sequencing.  We created several mats where the students sequenced what happened in the story.  On the last day we created this sequencing mat and sequencing cards.  The lower level students used the picture cards and higher level students used the phrases. 

Download Here:

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Math Estimation

Math Estimation

I loved Sarah Cooley’s October estimation activity.  I decided to create my own activity for January.  I am still working on the Answer Sheet.  I’ll attach it once it is finished.