Thursday, January 6, 2011

I think It’s Time for Some New Wheels

So . . . I was in a little accident this past week.

Actually ~~~  both cars were totaled!! At first I was happy – I thought well at least I’ll get full retail value out of my current car. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY I WAS NOT HURT AT ALL---  NEITHER WERE THE PEOPLE IN THE OTHER CAR.  I only have a few black and blues which are already starting to fade away.

Turns out buying a new car isn’t much fun.  I’m still trying to decide what kind I want – or should I say – can afford.  I am also sad that most likely I won’t be getting the car with all the fancy features that I don’t need, but WANT.  The worst news is that just today I made my last car payment for the old car!!!  Jeez – Happy New YEAR!!!!   Looks like I’ll still be having a car payment next month. 
Hope you all are having a better start to your year!!