Saturday, January 14, 2012

January Catch-Up Post

New Year’s Resolution
Yikes!! I'm way behind on my posting!! But I figured I would go ahead and back track a little here is a little New Year’s Resolution idea. I read this story to my students:

 This book was so cute! It really helped my students understand that a resolution is simply a promise. Next we made promises to ourselves, to our friends, to our teacher, and to our family. Here are a few samples:

January Writing
I found this cute idea on Pinterest:

I decided it would be so cute for our January bulletin board I read the students a few books about winter and then they wrote about winter and created a winter person to hold their paper. 

Cause and Effect
Our comprehension skill was Cause and Effect.  We read several stories to practice this skill. 
My favorite activity was That’s Good, That’s Bad, we read the book and then we talked about how sometimes causes and have BAD effects.  I had the students pretend to find a wallet then they had to write a good effect and a bad effect.  Here are a few samples.