Monday, April 18, 2011

Rough Days Due to a Tornado

It has been a pretty rough few days.  A tornado ripped right through my town Saturday afternoon.  I live in NC and tornadoes are rare here.  The tornado was on the ground for about 10 miles and pasted by within 2 miles of my house.  Here a few shots of the area. 
This was taken within minutes of the tornado passing.  This is my daily drive to my school.  To the right of this shot is a Good Year Tire plant.
This is a picture of the tornado cloud.
Here are some pictures of the damage to my students’ homes:

And a Before and After:
I work at a K-1 school with about 230 students.  Twenty students have lost their home or have damage to it.  Two of the students in my class have damage.  It was very hard to “teach” today.