Wednesday, November 9, 2011

S Blends - Freebies

Soon we will practice S Blends. When I was planning/ brainstorming I kept thinking about all of the winter related words that had S Blends: snow, scarf, skate, slope, ski, etc. So here are some Snow Themed ideas!

S Blend Snowflakes

Sensory Words

Math – Tally Marks

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

At the Aquarium - Contractions, Possessive, Math - FREEBIES

This week our story is called At the Aquarium.  All of our centers have a FISH Theme!! Here is a look at what we are doing:

Possessive Sentences

Crab Contractions

Cut off the pinchers and the students match them back together.

Vocabulary - Story Word Riddles

Categorize - Part of a Fish/ Not a Fish

Numbers to 120 - Hundreds, Tens, Ones
Matching Fish

Fishing for Hundreds, Tens and Ones

Fishing for Subtraction Facts