Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pirate Pack Winners

Congratulations to Lisa R. from Learning Is Something to Treasure as of last night I had 16 days left of school.  Leave me a comment with your email. 

I’m also going to send a copy out to Shelly.  I’m glad you enjoy my blog and I am surprised that you did your homework!! 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pirates, Tumble Books, and FREEBIE!!

This week we have been learning the /ar/ sound like in ARGH!!  Last year I purchased Abby’s PirateUnit!!  My students loved it!!  You can read about it HERE!   This year I decided to do a whole week of pirates.  I created a pirate pack to practice some additional skills: sequencing, ABC order/ Vocabulary Cards, Addition of three numbers.

Monday we “listening/watched” Pirates Don’t Change Diapers by Melinda Long on Tumble Books.  Do you all watch Tumble Books at your school?  I LOVE THEM!!!  We are lucky our local library pays for a subscription so we can watch them FREE through the site.  If you haven'ts checked out Tumble Books or you have never heard of them you MUST!!!  
You can check them out here.

Cumberland County Library for Kids:

Then click on:

Online Activities


Story Books

We also so watched: How I Became a Pirate on Tumble Books.  This week we have been practicing sequencing.  Here are some pictures of my students’ work.

Pirate’s Don’t Change Diapers – Sequencing

We also read, Pie Rats AHOY!! By Richard Scary
Picture from



We also practice putting some words from our pirate stories in ABC Order and looked them up in the dictionary!  You can download this dictionary sheet FOR FREE on my TPT store!! 

In math we have been learning to add three numbers.  I taught my students to first add the top two numbers and then add sum and the last number.

Count Me Treasure – Add three coins memory Game

Pirate Hats Count the Dots – I just drew the dots but you could use bingo dotters or stickers.


You can find the sequencing pages, vocabulary cards, and the these math activities in my Pirate Pack.  Plus a few other activities!!  

I will also give away ONE copy to the person who can guess who many days of school I have left!!