Thursday, December 9, 2010

If You Take a Mouse to the Movies - Chain Reaction

So . .  .  tonight I found some SUPER CUTE ideas on Team Carroll’s Blog The First Grade Parade.   She used the book If You Take a Mouse to the Movies for some of her in class activities. 
This book works perfect with our upcoming comprehension skill: Cause and Effect.  I created this Chain Reaction graphing organizer to use with my students.

The Mitten Box

After the holidays we will be learning about describing words.  We will be reading lots of poems.  One poem is called the Mitten Box.  I would love to have each students bring in a mitten and place it a box.  During our comprehension station each student will choose a mitten from the box.  Then they will generate 4 or 5 words that describe that mitten.  In our vocabulary station the students will read each card to see if it describes these mittens:

Download Here:

Work that Lights Up Our Classroom

For our holiday bulletin board I gave each student a coloring page Christmas tree.  After each child colored their tree they had to write about their tree.  (My tree has nine ornaments. There is a yellow star on the top of my tree.)  I had the students write on some holiday stationary I had which had animals with presents around the border.  They turned out GREAT!!  The students were so excited to do their best so their work would be displayed on the board. 
Here is a student sample:
Here is the completed board:
Hope your boards turned out just as cute!  I would love to see them! J