Monday, April 23, 2012

Awesome Astronauts - /aw/ /au/, Suffixes, Compare and Contrast

This week we are learning the /aw/ sound like in Awesome AstronAUts!!  I decided to plan another space week since my students liked the last one so much!! J  We are also working on Compare and Contrast so we are comparing astronauts, planets, the sun and the moon, and much more!!  Today we compared Neil Armstrong and Mae Jemison.  My students loved learning more about these astronauts. 
Here is a look a few Venn Diagrams from today:

If you are interested in these sheets you can purchase my Compare and Contrast Pack HERE!
I also have some Freebies for you!!
/aw/ and /au/ Cards

Level 1   Level II  Level III


Suffixes: ful, ly, and y
Level 1       Level II      Level III
~ We used a tongue depressor to decide which suffix to add.


meadowt said...

Thanks for the freebie, I love them. Perfect for what I am working on this week.

CancelBlogger said...

I absolutely LOVE your suffix sheets in conjunction with the labeled tongue depressors!!!!! THANK YOU so much for sharing!!!!! I would love to expand on your idea and create multiple prefix and suffix sheets. Would you be willing to share your template? If not, I completely understand! If so, here's my email address:

iintegratetechnology said...

Thanks! Found your suffix ideas on Pinterest! Glad I found you! I am new to blogger and having a blast! If you are interested in learning ways to integrate technology, maybe stop by my blog! I am your newest follower!

Megan said...

Those suffix activities are great! I can't download them however, I just keep getting a "not found" error message.