Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Buggy for Subtraction - 10 Less - FREEBIE

Buggy For Subtraction Facts - 10 Less Math Pack
I've been working on a Math Facts pack to practice 10 less or subtraction by 10. 
Here is a look at what you'll find in the pack:

Here is a CLOSER look at two of the Math Activities:

Number Line Count by 10s

Subtraction March - Count Down by 10s
Sort the cards by the bugs on the card

Choose one bug to start with
 find the bug with 9 tens
subtract 10, find the card with the difference
continue subtracting 10

Record the answers on the recording sheet.

I also listed a Math Graphing Freebie on TPT HERE!

If you are interested in this pack you can check out the whole thing HERE!

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