Thursday, April 19, 2012

Earth Day, Hurray!!

In honor of Earth Day on Sunday we have been talking about how to take care of the Earth.  I saw this AWESOME anchor chart made by a Cupcake for the Teacher on Pinterest and knew I needed to use this in my classroom. 

The students and I brainstormed about how we can show that We LOVE Earth!!  As the students gave answers I did my best to illustrate their answers.  Next the students created their own little posters to take home.


This week we have been learning when to add –es and –ies to words.  I created this anchor chart to help the students.  I pulled a student name stick gave them a word and they decided if it would need an –es or –ies and then wrote it on the correct side and added the ending! 
We decided that –es is:
word + es

and –ies is:
word – y + ies

Then we practice this in this Earth Day inspired Word Work Activity:

If you are interested in this activity you can purchase it HERE!

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