Sunday, September 23, 2012

Common Core Fall Math Fun

This pack is designed to teach 1st Grade Common Core Math standards.  I have created each activity using fall/ Halloween clipart to make them fun for your students. 

1. MD 4 - Halloween Graphing – Students will organize and interpret data.  Includes: 3 Object Pages and a Recording page

1. NBT. 1 – What Comes Next?  - Students will practice counting on from any number. Includes: 12 cards and a recording sheet


1. NBT. 2 – Place Value Match – Students will practice matching tens and ones to the correct number.   Includes: a matching game and recording sheet


1. NBT. 1 – Number Before and After – Students will practice counting by identifying the number before and after each number.  Includes: 16 cards and recording sheet

If you are interested you can check it out HERE!!

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