Friday, May 25, 2012

Dinosaurs!!! FREEBIES!!

This week we have been learning about Dinosaurs!!  I purchased Abby’s Dino Centers.  This pack had so many fun centers but I only had time for a few of them with assessments this week.  You can read more about her pack and get some FREEBIES HERE!!  We are also learning the sounds for er: er, ir, and ur.  I created this little anchor chart to practice these sounds and we have been adding words to the chart all week! 

 Here is a little word sort I made using DJ Inkers clipart! 

You can download it below FREE!!

I downloaded the cutest FACT FILE Sheets about Dinosaurs here!!  I love these sheets.  I have also been reading lots of books about dinosaurs.
Just print on colored paper!! :)

My SWEET teacher assistant also brought in these dinosaurs.  They have really helped my students with describing and comparing this week. 

My students choose three dinosaurs to write about on Monday and Tuesday and they created this foldable. 

We also practiced comparing and contrasting two dinosaurs.  I used DJ Inkers clipart again here!


You can download this activity HERE for FREE!!

Here are a few pictures of some activities from Abby’s unit!  
Ancient ABC Order

Prehistoric Punctuation

What is a fossil?

I also created this fossil write page that my students using with the word wall. 

Again you can download HERE FREE!!!

Hope you are having a GREAT week!! I'm glad the weekend is ALMOST HERE!!!  I'm ready for a three day week!!  Next week we will be reading Jack and the Beanstalk stories!! 

9 1/2 more days!!! 


Amanda said...

Love it! I wish I was creative as you! :)


Lisa R. said...

I love the dinosaur ideas! Thanks for sharing!!

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Jan said...

Thanks for all the great dino ideas. We have 3 half-days left, so I'll be saving for next year:-)

Cindy Del Valle said...

Thanks for all of the wonderful ideas and freebies!!I just downloaded and saved them all to my dinosaurs folder. Thank you!

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Wolfelicious said...

Hi!! I just found your blog. I am your newest follower. I would love to have you stop by my blog when you get a chance.


Unknown said...

I cam across your blog and just love it and this post.I used some of your great ideas and the credit is to you so there is a link from my blog to yours and I hope you wil link to mine

Kate said...

I LOVE this idea! The dinosaur sort is so cute! I have some things I my site you may like so stop by and grab them. Oh and be sure to join. I'm doing a giveaway very soon!

Kate :)

Kate said...

I've awarded you the Versatile Blog award and the One Lovely Blog awards. Stop by my blog and pick them up!

longmores said...

Would you be able to send the dinosaur venn diagrams and punctuation sheets you made?
I am unable to access them from this page.
Thank you for sharing!