Wednesday, November 9, 2011

S Blends - Freebies

Soon we will practice S Blends. When I was planning/ brainstorming I kept thinking about all of the winter related words that had S Blends: snow, scarf, skate, slope, ski, etc. So here are some Snow Themed ideas!

S Blend Snowflakes

Sensory Words

Math – Tally Marks


Miss Kindergarten said...

Very cute! Thank you!!

Delighted said...

Thank you! These snowmen made me think about how much I love snow and am sooo ready to play in the snow!!!

First Grade Delight

SCTiger said...

Thank you so much! I am gathering my winter read alouds now!

shellyx6 said...

Thank you!!!!! Such a cute unit. I really appreciate you sharing such great work!


Unknown said...

So cute! Thanks for the freebies. I am a new follower.