Monday, November 14, 2011

At Home Reading Program

We LOVE to READ!!!
Does your school have an at Home Reading Program?
Here is a look at how we DO reading:

Rodeo Board KEY

Close Up Look
100 colt: Horse Cutout, 200 Rider: their face on a cowboy/cowgirl, 300 Lasso: Rope, 400 Sheriff: star on their shirt, 500 Move their fish Out of the Corral -- CHECK TWO books for the REST OF THE YEAR from the libary.  ~Names and Faces have been covered to protect students.
Reading Record Sheet
Here is a look at the Reading Record Sheet: parents record books here.

Parent Info:
So far we have read:

We turn in students milestones once a week and they add to the board.  We update this SCHOOL total each week.  We have a special dress up day each time we hit a large milestone.  By the way out school's mascott is a colt! :)  We also have a LARGE celebration at the end of each year.

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