Sunday, March 13, 2011

St. Patty's Day Potato Person

This week to celebrate St. Patty's day a little early we read this book:
My students loved this book!! 
Jamie O'Rourke is the laziest man in all of Ireland.  But will his luck change when he finds a Leprechaun?  The Leprechaun gives him a magic potato seed.  His wife is not too impressed that he got a seed instead of the pot of gold . . . but will the seed actually be BETTER than a pot of gold?
After reading the book we created these adorable Potato People!!  The students loved it!!  Hope you can use this in your classroom this week! 


Mrs. Saoud said...

This is one of my favorite read alouds during St. Pattys! Your potato people are cute. :)

Primary Graffiti

Ms.M said...

How CUTE!!! I will have to see if our library has this book so I can read it to my students too.

Ms. M

Plants seeds of knowledge...for our future! said...

We will be reading this book this week. We also are learning about living and non living things so we will be growing a potato and observing its growth over the next few weeks. A great follow up to this is to make the traditional Irish dish Colcannon. My kinders love this yummy dish.

Alicia Lochridge said...

I use this book before conducting the Potato Race Experiment. Using two different types of potatoes, students will observe each potatoes' characteristics. The teacher will set up a ramp and explain that the potatoes will be released simultaneously. The race will be conducted 10 times. Based on this information, students must predict which potato will win the race. Students will graph the results, verify if their hypothesis was correct, note observations from the experiment, and make conclusions about the experiment's results.

Check out my blog for activity pages to support this experiment.

Unknown said...

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