Thursday, January 13, 2011


What a week. . . 
Monday we had off school due to 3 inches of snow.
Tuesday we had off school due to ½ inch of ice on top of the snow.
Wednesday we had off school to let the inch melt.
Thursday we had a 2 hour delay to let the ice melt.
Tonight we had a LARGE water line break in town  so . . .
You guessed it TWO HOUR DELAY TOMORROW!!!  To make sure the water gets turned all back on.  J   We do need to have water at school.
Guess I'll start teaching again next week! 

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Unknown said...

We just found out that we will be out tomorrow, too. And Monday, for MLK day....
I tried to book a last minute cruise to the bahamas for this weekend, and it turned out to be full! ;) ha!
My poor husband is going broke because of all these snowdays.... I want to go out EVERY night! Even with blogging, I'm incredibly stir-crazy!
Good luck getting back in the swing of things next week!