Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Recalling Details - Meeting Common Core Standards

Hello!!  Happy Fall, I can’t believe it is almost the end of October.  We had the first three weeks off for our fall break.  I took a trip out to Dallas to visit my sister.  Last week was our first week back.  We have been nonstop learning about pumpkins and bats. 
I’ve been trying so hard to meet those Common Core standards while still have FUN!!!  On Monday I read this little nonfiction book about bats:
 picture from

We are working on RL and RI 1.2 Recalling Details so we recorded what we learned on this graphic organizer.

This graphic organizer and more like it can be found in my Recalling Details packet. 

  Click HERE to check it out.

Tuesday we made these super, cute bats made by Cara Carroll.  Then we created a data collection to see if we thought bats were Cute or Creepy!!! 



Sometimes all these details are hard to remember and spell.  So as I'm reading I also write down some key ideas on the board.

Something simple like this: 

 no filter!!

Students were able to use these ideas when working on the Recalling Details paper. 

We have also started working on W 1.1 Writing opinion pieces.  I realized that first my students need to know the difference between a Fact and an Opinion.  I wrote these sentence starters to help my little firsties. This graphic organizer can be found in my Fact and Opinion Pack

I hope you are having a great week!!  I'm sure tomorrow will be a wild day at school.  Here is a little early treat my little TPT show is on sale!!



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