Monday, May 20, 2013

Earth Day In May? And all about BUGS!!

Last week we tracked back in after a four week break!! Boy was it nice to have a month off for Spring Break!!  We missed Earth Day during our Track Out so I decided to start off with that!! I won Cara’s Wonderful Earth Pack!! It is so cute!! One of our favorites was this cute craft!! My students loved it!!!



 This week we are hard at work learning about insects.  We started off by learning some Fun Facts about bugs.  My students LOVED IT!!  Then I had them choose two bugs to compare and contrast in Work on Writing.  Check out some of their cute work:



Next, we did a little contraction review in Word Work.  The students had to sort the contraction cards and then they had to record them on this sheet:
Also in Word Work, the students could also choose to count syllables in the bug words!! 
All of the above centers are included in my Catch the Bug Literacy Pack!! You can check it out HERE!

In writing I used another FREEBIE from Cara!!  I read Hey, Little Ant to my students and then we completed this little writing craftivity.  The students loved every minute of it!! You can find this activity HERE!
Don't you love this one?? If the boy squishes him his female will be sad!!  That cracks me right up!!  Too funny!!
The insect fun even continued in math where the students practiced measuring in our Math Tubs!! 
Measure the Bees
Order the Flowers
If you want to see more or have this math tubs you can purchase them HERE!
Measure the Mustache - I found this activity HERE!


Room 214-Ms. Wenzel's Blog said... have been as busy as a nest of bees! Your blog is always so enriching and full of wonderful learning activities. THANK YOU!

Sarah Paul said...

Totally pinning and adding to my TPT cart. it looks great!
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