Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Buggy for Measurement

Congratulations to Rachel, Ashley, and Chrystal I emailed you a copy of my measurement packet!!  Check your email!! 

This week we started measurement in class!!  I read these books to my students!! They are some of my favorites and they help introduce some great vocabulary: gaps, overlapping, and standard unit. 

Here are some pictures from one of our lessons:

I started off by having all my students sit on the perimeter of the carpet.  (I use that word with them to help build the vocabulary!)  Next ,I put out some links and these measuring cards.

Next we started measuring!! 

After a student measured this caterpillar we talked about what "she" did wrong.  We remember that we need to start at the edge.

We measured again and had to add one more link.  This helped my students understand the importance of starting at the edge. 

 As we measured the students recorded the information on the SMART Board.  I put a copy of the sheet under my document camera.

This lesson and one just like it our featured in my pack.  I love being able to complete one with my students and then they are more successful on their own.
When we get back we will be Working on the Centers in my Buggy for Measurement Pack.  You can check it out here!!

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