Sunday, August 19, 2012

Farm Adventures - A Literacy and Writing Unit

I’m so excited to teach this farm unit!  I wanted to start the year with a farm unit because I knew some of my students would already know these animals.  This is a great way for my studnets to be successful at the centers AND a great way for them to SEE the words they may already know!! 
I have included a fiction and nonfiction book list for farm themed books.  I’m sure there are MANY more out there!! This farm unit included 4 Phonics activities, 3 Vocabulary activities, and 9 writing activities!  

Here is a sneak peak at some of the activities!! 

Students choose a who card, a position card, and a where card and build a sentence.  Then they record the sentence on their paper.
Creative Writing
Students choose a picture and write 3 sentences about the picture.

Funny Farm Syllables
Vocabulary Cards

Short i Word Sort

Also included: Short e and a Short i or Short e

Writing Prompt Pages - Several More in the Unit

3 Tree Maps Students can complete these on their own or with a teacher.  Then students can you these tree maps to create sentences.

If you are interested in this unit you can purchase it here!!
It will be on sale until TUESDAY!!

I will give a FREE copy to the first TWO people that can guess my favorite farm animal!
Don't forget to include your email address!!

Congratulations to Heather from The Busy Busy Hive  and to Deb  you girls were FAST!!  My favorite farm animals is a PIG!!!  Leave a comment with your email address so I can send you a copy!!  Thanks for reading!!


thebusybusyhive said...

Super cute unit!! Is your favorite animal a pig?

The Busy Busy Hive

Deb said...

Love the unit.... I will guess pig too!

Gladys said...

Looks really cute! Is your favorite farm animal a sheep?


Tanya said...

I'll guess pig.
☺ Tanya
First Grade is Fantabulous!

Sean and Rachel said...

I was going to guess a pig, but that's been guessed a few times. My son loves cows so I'll guess that. Looks super cute!

thebusybusyhive said...

Whoo Hoo!! Thanks I love teaching the farm unit too!! I can't wait to use your unit!!!!
The Busy Busy Hive

Deb said...

Wow! I'm so excited....this is the first time I have ever won something on web site. Amazing! Thank you so much! dhintz3 at is my email.