Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ouch!! Teaching the /ou/ Sound - Mouse Visit! HA!

This week we have been learning the /ou/ sound like in OUCH!!  What a CrAzY week so far and today is only Tuesday – I can’t believe it.  I decided to go ahead and branch away from HM this week!!  Our comprehension skill is Main Idea and Detail and you can only teach that with butterflies so many times.  – Plus I think the butterfly story will be perfect for sounds for Y!!  Anyway we are learning about people that help us with the /ou/ sound: Health Care Professionals: 

We've learned about Doctor’s Tools and pharmacists so far – We will learn about doctors, nurses, and x-rays later in the week.  I created this TPT Unit to use this week.  In the unit there are LOTS of recording sheets but we have a copy limit at my school so I often have the students write on newsprint paper to save copies where I can.  Here is a look at what we are learning. 
ABC Order

Vocabulary Words – Use in a Sentence

Syllable Split – Spelling by Syllables

/ou/ and /ow/ Sound

Comprehension: Main Idea:

Doctor’s Tools

 The WILDEST thing happened this morning.  A mouse ran right across the room -- One of my student’s SCREAMED, “A RAT!!!”  I ran right out of the room!! After I got the nerve to go back in I opened the back door and I’m hoping that he decided to “head for the light”.  So today when we wrote in our journals of course we had to write about our “visitor”.  I wish I would have taken some pictures they were SO FUNNY!!!!  And one student pointed out it was perfect for the /ou/ week!! J  At least they are learning!! HA!  If you are interested in checking out this TPT pack click HERE!

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Your TpT unit looks adorable! I'm definitely headed towards your store after this! BTW, I'm a new follower! :)

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