Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I can Generalize CAN YOU?

Two weeks ago our comprehension skill was making generalizations.  Does anyone else have trouble teaching generalizations to FIRST graders???  I struggle with this strategy.  This year I decided to explain it a little differently to my students.  I told them that a generalization is about connecting what you know and what you read or see.  Then you make a general statement about it.  I had my students look at 3 “friends” what do most of these students have in common? 

Here is one example picture:

Most of these students are girls, most have on pants, most have longer hair, etc. 

This really helped them understand how to make a generalization.  I put together a few activities to help practice this skill. 


Wendy said...

Looks cute! This is a difficult skill for third graders too!

Randi said...

This looks so useful! I've actually never taught this skill. It seems tough~nice job :)

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