Sunday, December 11, 2011

Holiday Craft Ideas - Economics Unit

Each year we do a Holiday Themed Economics Unit.  To help the students understand our learning goals:

The students act as “Elf Factory” workers and make holiday themed crafts.  I explain to them that if they worked in a crayon factory they wouldn’t get to take home the crayons they made so they don’t get to take home the crafts they make, but instead they earn RR (school pretend) money.  Of course, I take in to account the quality of their work when deciding how much to pay each child.  I also offer bonuses to any student that helps others, has good behavior, or helps with additional clean-up.  After making the crafts, the students must pay their bills to help them understand that we first spend money on our needs.  Then with the money they have left over they are able to purchase items that were made in our workshop. 
Here is a look at some of the things we have made so far! (Just in case you need some ideas!)

I found these beads at AJ Moore in Red, Green, and Clear

Use 1 green pipe cleaner

Snowflakes: Use 3 Silver Pipe Cleaners, cut in half twist around each other in the middle, add beads

Grinch Pills - I found this idea on Pinterest!

Christmas Trees with Fruit Loops

I found these foam ornaments at Walmart $5 for 36!

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