Thursday, November 24, 2011

Wild Weather - Math and Literacy Fun

Hey Everyone!  Hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving Break!  I wanted to share some ideas we did a few weeks ago.  Our phonics skill was l blends – I decided to use clouds to teach this skill.  Our comprehension skill was Drawing Conclusions.  That is such a tough skill for this age group but once I found the BUG eyed Weather Kids from Scrappin Doodles I knew my students would love this skill!  From there the Literacy and Math ideas all linked together!  J

Math – Estimation
 How many cotton balls will it take to cover the picture?

I always put the picture on my ELMO and project it onto the SMART Board then I place one (counter, cotton ball) on the picture for the students to use as a reference.  Then the students record their guess. Then we cover, count, and the students record the actual amount it took to cover the picture.  We also talk about how a good guess is within 5.  So we decide if "we" made "good" guesses!

Math – Estimate and Measure
How long is the line in big and mini marshmallows?

Literacy– Drawing Conclusions
We used the same pictures from the cotton ball activity and the students had to draw a conclusion about what type of weather in each picture.

Literacy– Word Wall
We even used the letters in CLOUDS to practice the words on our word wall.

Creative Writing
We used the same pictures.  The students wrote about some of the pictures.

We read a poem about Rain and found the rhyming words.

If you are interested in any of these ideas, plus a few more,  You can purchase this unit in my TPT store!

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