Saturday, September 10, 2011

Math Block with Math Journal and Math Tubs

Math Block
This year I’m trying something new with Math.  I have started using Math Journals and Math Tubs. 
Time 1:00-2:00
Spiral Review - 10 minutes
Whole Group – 20 minutes
Math Journal – 10 minutes
Math Tubs – 20 minutes

I got most of my inspiration from Cara Carroll from the First Grade Parade.  I purchased her Math Notebook materials and I HAVE BEEN LOVING IT!!!  Here is a look at my set-up and some of the Math Tubs my students have been doing.

Math Journal

I'm using Primary Composition Notebooks for my student's Math Notebooks.  I added a tab in each student's notebook for them to save pages at the front for reference pages.  (I left about 5 pages. )  I also glued in a piece of ribbon for the students to use as a bookmark.  I got this idea from Pinterest!! :)

 Sample of Reference Pages 
Ribbon Bookmark! 

Math Tub Groups

Math Storage

Math Center Samples
Tallies in the Window

I got this idea from Mrs. Lee's KindergartenI printed the school bus pattern on 12 different colors of cardstock and added the label with an amount of tallies.  The students choose a bus, color one bus that color, and then record the amount of tallies in the box on the record sheet below.

Here is a look at the completed product.

100's Chart Puzzle
I guess I uploaded this next picture upside down but you get the idea. 

Ways to Make 10 - Using beads and a Pipecleaner
The students slide the beads down the pipecleaner.  Then they record all the ways to make 10.  For example:  0 + 10 = 10.


Miss Kindergarten said...

Such great ideas!!

Stephanie said...

Thank you!!!

meganr24 said...

We just adopted Math Expressions this year. I am iffy so far. How do you like it??

Oceans of First Grade Fun said...

Thanks for sharing!!! Love the station ideas.
Ms. A

Melissa said...

Thanks for the pictures! I've been trying math stations and it's just not falling in to place the way I'd hoped. I love the way yours looks!

Jim Wheelin said...

I really like the school bus patter idea :) as well as the 10 ways to make 10. From the pics, I am sure that your students really enjoyed these games and stayed engaged. I have been doing some research for an elementary math intervention program and just found an online game that I am testing! I think this is the one :) Thanks for these station ideas, I will be using some of these soon!
--Regards, Jim

Chelsea Ogan said...

great ideas