Monday, April 11, 2011

Herb's Trip to the Park Unit - A unit that teachers -er, -ir, and -ur

I am excited to announce that I have uploaded my first unit to TPT!
This unit includes:
A nine page story about Herb’s Trip to the Theme Park

I was inspirited to write this story to help my students read: er, ur, and ir words

An activity to go along with the book: Word Search or Read the Room.  At my school we actually put the word cards in the hall and the students go out in the hall to read the words.  It includes 18 cards to practice these sounds and a recording sheet for the students to record those words.
It also includes a Visual Poster to remind students of the three sounds.
Click on the link above to purchase the unit for $4!
Here is a free resource that you can use in your classroom!
If you choose to download this free resource please:  Follow my blog publically and write a comment below to let me know you downloaded it.  Thank you! 


Lindsey (The Teacher Wife) said...

I'll def. check it out! thanks for linking up:)

meadowt said...

Thank you so much for sharing your resources!!