Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Management Ideas

Paper, Paper, EVERYWHERE!

This is where I store all materials for the week.  I love it because it is big enough to fit everything and the bin can easily be transferred to a desk for sub plans. 

I also clothes pin my lesson plans above this on the wall.  It helps me do a quick reference before a lesson!!

Math Manipulates

This took some time to set up BUT IT IS SO WORTH IT.  The stickers help me AND THE STUDENTS put everything back in its place. 
Whole Group Materials

During whole group I play a song and the Team Leader passes the materials across.  Inside the bag is a homemade D.E.B – (Dry Erase Board) -- Lined paper with a transparency taped on top.  J  A sock for an eraser and inside the sock is a marker.


Abby said...

Omiword, girl, I would DIE over those shelves where you have your math manipulatives! Love and LOVE!

Ms.M said...

A sheet if paper works well for home made DEB too. It might save you some $ on transparencies. I love the idea of the marker IN the sock. That should keep them from falling out of the bags. Thanks.

Ms. M

Elisabeth said...

I love your organization ideas! I wish I was this organized!! Where did you get the containers in the first pic that you have labeled Monday-Friday?


Stephanie said...

Thanks!!! Here is where I purchased the days of the week Organizer.

Elisabeth said...

Ok, thanks... That is where I thought you got it from. I've been wanting one REALLY, REALLY bad but didn't want to pay that for it. I'm a cheapy. However I have a 20% off coupon though. Is it worth it? Thanks again for sharing! I hope to one day be as organized!!!


Stephanie said...

My school actually bought them for us. But I SO Love it!! My favorite is that I have a folder for each center/lesson each day. I pull all the folders out and then put the papers in the folder once all materials are together. Then I place that folder back in the bin for next week. The empty folders help me see what I still need to get together. I love that!!!

Stephanie said...

It comes with five folders for each day! And they are plastic so they don't rip.

Elisabeth said...

Ok, sounds great!! I may just have be no so cheap and take the plunge and buy one! I would love to have one!!
Also, I see in your about me section you are national board certified. I am currently working on my masters and will be finished in May 2011. I'm working on my thesis but in addition have another class and the professor wants us to write a research paper. He gave us a list of topics... one was national board certication. I was considering researching this. Would this be something easy to research.. like would I be able to write over this topic easily?? Thanks... sorry for so many questions! your probably like who is this girl! hahahq

Stephanie said...

I don't mind your questions. I am Nationally Board Certified. This is their website: http://nbpts.org/ I actually wrote a blog about NB a little while ago. On the website you can learn a lot they also give updates through email. They have a State Map that tells you how many teachers in each state have their certification. It's also interesting to look into which states pay for their teachers certification. I'm sure you can find out a lot about it. NB has really taught be a lot about teaching. Feel free to ask more questions!!

Unknown said...

I LOVE how this is set up!!!!! Organization is still a struggle for me. And finding room to put everything! This is great. :)

Awesome blog!


Mandy's Memories said...

love how organized you are! I gave you the Stylish Blogger Award. Head to my blog to see what to do next!