Tuesday, January 18, 2011

EEK!!! There’s a Mouse in the House

EEK!!!  There’s a Mouse in the House
We are getting ready to ready to read the story.  EEK!! There’s a Mouse in the House.  While reading this story we always teach the children about “ee” and “ea” This year I thought it would be fun to have the Mouse eat the cheese to make words. 

Each student will need a copy of the Level 1 or the Level 2 beginning sounds or both.  They will also need one _eat Cheese.  They will then match the mouse to the cheese to build a _eat word. 

If you are using Houghton Mifflin Reading you may come across this story in Theme 6.  There is a cute eWord Game that practices the Vocabulary in the Story.  Hope you can use this in your classroom. 

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Ms.M said...

Cute. I do use HM and this story is coming up. Thanks.

Ms. M