Monday, November 15, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge!

I am trying some of  the 30 Day Blog Challenge:
Day 1-Introduce, recent picture, 15 interesting facts


1.    I teach first grade.
2. I enjoy running, but sometimes it doesn’t fit in my schedule!!
3. I have two sisters. I am the youngest!
4.  I have always taught first sometimes I think about switching grades BUT I enjoy teaching my students to read.
5. I am originally from Pennsylvania.
6. I love doing crafts with my students!! J
7. I LOVE biscuits!!  I could eat them EVERY day!
8. I love having NEW clothes to wear to work!
9. I love jewelry.  Sometimes new jewelry helps me make an old outfit feel new again!
10. I LOVE watching movies!!  My favorites are romantic comedies.  I could sit around every weekend and watch hallmark ALL DAY!! 
11. I am not close with my family. . . so my friends are my family.
12. I am about 5 feet, 3 inches.  I wish I was taller.  Short pants are too short and regular are too long! 
13. I just started BLOGGING this summer when I randomly came across a blog while looking for lesson ideas.  It is my new passion.  I love get new ideas from other teachers.
14.  I LOVE teaching but I this year I seem to be have a negative attitude about going to work, I can’t figure out why:  Is it the long meetings, the little pay, the being told what to teach AND how to teach it???  I just wish the ADMIN would see that I am doing my job and my students are making growth.
15. I have been working on my National Teaching Certificate.  It has been SOOO much work.  I should find out if I passed later this month.  I am hoping and praying that I passed!!! 

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