Monday, September 20, 2010

Word Families

For the last several weeks we have been learning all about word families.
We have been reading:
Word Family Tales -Ip: Take a Trip to Planet Blip
My students love these books.  After reading we guess the missing words for the Fill in the Blank sentences in the back.  As the students guess I record their answers and make a word family poster.  Then we display the posters in the phonics station.

We have also been singing some word family songs:
Word Family Sing-Along Flip Chart & CD
My students LOVE these songs!!
Each day in the phonics station my students practice these new word families.

We have sorted words into the correct word family:
Word Sorting, Gr. K-2
I have also created my own words and had the students cut them out and glue them on construction paper.

Build words with bottles caps:

Used word family slides and wheels to make words and then recorded our work:
Turn-to-Learn: Word Family Wheels (Grades PreK-2)
I use black and white slides and wheels that I have colored and created but I found this book of wheels that are already in color and ready to go!

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